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Nesdi Jones is a young singer/songwriter and rapper born and raised in North Wales, United Kingdom. From a very young age her passion for music has driven her to be a singer and in the music scene and eventually be known and a success in her chosen career.

Nesdi Jones started singing from the age of 5 in a local church as a soloist. From there she got into Classical soprano. Through school she sang in many competitions locally as a soloist and in a choir. Through school she starred in musicals in both her school and armature theatre groups and was in a local dance school learning ballet and tap dancing.

At 15, she, and two acoustic guitarists formed a Welsh acoustic folk/pop band by the name of “Addurn ar y mantell” where she wrote lyrics and composed melodies with both musicians. Further more, they toured Wales as a supporting act to well known Welsh musician “Gai Toms”. The bands work was played on local radio.

When finishing school she noticed that her true passion was music and singing. She started her small performances with a guitarist in open mic nights and jamming with different musicians.

At the age of 17 she moved to New Delhi, India to widen her horizons personally and musically. There she collided With a Goan band and did backing vocals and projects. doing small pubs and events. In the past year she is now working on Hindi and Bollywood music where she has became viral on sites such as “YouTube” where producer Mr Mahesh Bhatt has praised her abilities. Also Singers such at Jhaz Dhami has praised her voice in Punjabi.

Her debut single with Punjabi singer Money Aujla “London” is soon being released from producer and rapper “Yo! Yo! Honey Singh”. Now she is working on many projects with musicians to collaborate and make a new and unique sound.

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