Backstreet Boys Profile

Quintet in Orlando, Florida, born from the experience of some managers who had worked with the teen-sensation of the previous decade, the New Kids on the Block, the “BSB”, as they know the young fan, filled the void left by the British Take That: the dissolution of those, started the success of these. Public image clean (for now), a cocktail of faces to suit all white girls in the world, a bit of grit and pace higher than the average boy band, have ensured their place of honor in the heart of teenagers to the end of the 90s. Formed in 1993, starting with the live performances – as opposed to so many young colleagues. Eventually, Jive Recors believes in AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell. Their success begins in Europe, Germany in particular is crazy about them since 1995, the single “We’ve got it goin’on”, the next song, “I’ll never break your heart”, takes them to the top of the British charts. The first significant recognition, beyond sales, is one of the MTV Europe Award in 1996 in the category of “People’s choice”. Gradually begin to occur in Europe the same episodes from “Beatlemania” that had surrounded until a few months before the Take That. In August 1997, a year after the publication of the European Union, the USA comes in an album, which includes tracks from “Backstreet’s Back,” the second disc discography of the European Union. Close to our goal of 9 million records sold worldwide, the BSB expect the ’99 to propose MILLENNIUM, a new record that repeats the successful formula of the above, including the author line (the only Littrell co-signing a few pieces) and producers to work (among them is Robert “Mutt” Lange, known for example for the success of Def Leppard). In 2000, the five, seemingly always compact, and only vaguely touched by temptations solo, are challenged and beaten by a group that looks like a clone them: ‘N Sync, they also of Florida, they also formed under the wing of manager Louis Pearlman, even their Jive Records, resounding beat their record albums sold in its first week of publication. Therefore, the output of BLACK AND BLUE is also accompanied by a desire to get back to being the main boy band in the world. After some solo projects, the new album arrives just in 2005, and is titled NEVER GONE. In 2006, Kevin Richardson left the group, which has been going on for her, releasing a new album in late 2007, UNBREAKABLE, while in 2009 they released This Is Us.

 Source: Rockol